Cholistan Jeep Rally 2014

Get ready for the great adventure. Keep your cars hot. Let the Engine rock the atmosphere. Keep your cars dancing on the floor. Darkness of Cholistan is going to smash.

Yeah!!! You are Right Its Jeep Rally coming Ahead.. TDCP announced cholistan jeep rally dates. Everyone is ready for this great event. Announced dates are 14th,15th,16th Feb,2014.
TDCP Cholistan Jeep Rally,2014

Cholistan is also known as Rohi. It occupies 16,000 sq. km approx. area of vast desert Thar over to Sindh. It is international event. Its main entertainments are Camels and Jeep racing. Cholistan Jeep rally also promotes cholistan culture and handicrafts.Here are some pics of Jeep rally.